NeuralSolution for addiction and relapse


The use of addictive substances and behaviours can be understood as our efforts to regulate our nervous systems.  Mammals have evolved over hundreds of millions of years and part of that effort of survival has been their adaptations to respond to threat. This adaptation skillfully mobilises the organisms physiology powerfully to accelerate, or to slow down, depending on the environment. When this system is out of balance (or dysregulated) the organism is very uncomfortable, and new strategies emerge to try to move the system back into regulation.  These strategies are often called addictions and include:

  • Alchohol

  • Drugs

  • Sex

  • Relationships

  • Gambling

  • Pornography

  • Spending

Neural Solutions has the insight, hardware and software necessary to measure the dysreulation which causes addiction. Crucially, if measured in real time, this can differentiate between problem behaviour and normal behaviour and be used to predict relapse in recovering addicts.  

These systems are now available for development to manage and support addiction in many industries.