Know who your problem gamblers are



Take active steps to reduce regulatory risk by identifying customers at risk of harm from gambling.

Improve relationships with your customers and regulators. Create competitive advantages on license renewals and tenders worldwide.


Gambling is intrinsically linked to risk. All mammals enjoy playing with risk, which trains their nervous systems to be ready for real threat. It hones a fundamental, binary difference in our physiology which determines whether we are feeling safe or responding to a threat. 

These differences are triggered by activity in the nervous system in three different neural pathways. This activity is measurable. Our technology reads the activation in these pathways.

From this information, current behaviour can be understood, and future behaviour can be predicted. Problem Gambling is not play – it is a real threat – and is therefore neurally measurable.


Our own patent-pending noncontact sensor technology and software package can remotely measure these systems. The prototypes have been tested to peer review standard in academia. NeuralSolution brings this to market for commercial use.

During 2019 the laboratory prototype will be developed into a consumer-ready product and various bespoke software packages will be created for different use-cases. 


Regulators, politicians and the media are increasingly challenging the gambling industry to identify and tackle problem gambling. Behind this challenge is the threat of increased regulation or taxes to address the harm caused by problem gambling.  

Reducing problem gambling and limiting access for problem gamblers without the need for stringent extra regulation is a huge opportunity for the gambling industry.


“Problem Gambling Solved” is a noncontact sensor-based technology which provides this opportunity. Its algorithms can diagnose the neural difference between play and threat, which helps to define the difference between entertainment and a problem.

The system will measure the activation in a client’s nervous system so that gambling managers can determine if the client is a leisure gambler enjoying entertainment or a problem gambler exceeding the safe limits of risk.

To understand this intuitively, think about the difference between insulting someone in the pub for fun, or to start a fight. The behaviour looks the same to a third-party observer, so how do you know the difference when it happens to you?

The only way to tell the difference is by seeing into the underlying state of the nervous system. Mammals have evolved to do this instinctively by sensing tiny clues of neural activation. Our technology mimics this observation and interprets the information with minimal risk of deception.

The system can be connected to electronic gambling machines to reduce odds or suspend play for problem gamblers; and it can be integrated with casino security systems to help human observers monitor problem gambling.